Frequently Asked Questions


  • Audi select is a monthly subscription service that gives members access to a selection of Audi vehicles for a flat monthly fee. Members can exchange a vehicle up to two times a month. Vehicles are delivered within the service area to members by concierge service at their home or at your selected local authorized Audi dealer, detailed with a full tank of gas. Audi select is operated by Silvercar, Inc., a corporate affiliate of Audi of America, Inc.

    Need additional information? We can be reached via chat or please feel free to call us at 855-411-6985 or email us at

  • Once approved, members can manage vehicle selection and delivery from their account dashboard or with a simple text or phone call to our concierge during business hours.* The concierge will schedule the delivery of the vehicle and ensure you are all set to go. Exchanges for a different model are permitted up to twice a month. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your driving needs.

    *Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm (CT) and 9am – 6pm (CT) on weekends.

  • We currently offer the following vehicles in each collection with a premium plus or similar trim package.

    Core Collection: A4, Audi Q5, S3, and TT.

    Premier Collection: A6, S5 Coupe, Audi Q7, A5 Cabriolet, A4, Audi Q5, S3, and TT


  • The Audi select program provides the following benefits*:
    Unlimited mileage
    Roadside assistance (provided by an authorized third party )
    Concierge delivery and retrieval
    Silvercar travel rental (one 48 hour period per month)

    *Note that certain terms and limitations apply.

  • The Audi select membership term is month to month subject to the Membership Agreement. The monthly subscription fee will be charged to member’s credit card each month. Members may terminate the agreement at any time by emailing and giving notice of cancellation at least 7 days prior to the end of a monthly billing cycle.* Members will not be refunded for any partial months.

    *Flexible cancellation is subject to any terms of special promotions and sign up offers

  • Audi select members must be at least 25 years of age. Additional drivers on a member’s account must be at least 21 years of age.


  • All vehicles are the current or prior model year. Each vehicle is detailed to showroom status before delivery to a member.

  • There are no restrictions on the miles you drive, that’s what the cars are made for.

  • You can request any vehicle within your currently subscribed collection. Our concierges are available to help by assessing your needs and can provide a recommendation as well. Specific models and vehicles are subject to availability.


  • Audi select members are issued a promotional code valid for a single Silvercar rental for up to 48 hours at no additional charge each month (in Silvercar markets). Unused days do not roll over and are only redeemable by the primary subscriber. Members simply download the Silvercar app (standard message and data rates apply) and create an account to redeem the promotional code for their rental . Members are responsible for any taxes and fees that may apply for Silvercar rentals, as well as charges for additional days beyond 48 hours.

  • Silvercar is the airport car rental experience re-imagined. Designed especially for the connected business traveler, Silvercar aims to deliver a fast, frictionless, consistent experience, exclusively featuring premium Audi vehicles every time. The Audi A4 sedan is available in every market we serve and now the Audi Q5 and A5 Cabriolet have joined our fleet in select locations.

    By using a smartphone to sign up, reserve, and select and unlock the car, Silvercar customers can get on the road without delay. The return is just as streamlined and features easy drop-off and instant e-receipts. There are no lines, no counters, no hassles, and no upsells, and our friendly, experienced concierges are always nearby to assist as needed.

  • As a Audi select member using Silvercar is easy… first, reserve online at or through the Silvercar mobile app, which you can download for free at these links: iPhone and Android. Be sure to use your personalized Silvercar promo code listed on your online Audi select membership dashboard to take full advantage of your Audi select membership benefits.

Service Area

  • Audi select is currently available in the Dallas/Fort-Worth metro area. If you are outside our current service area please apply to be the first to know when we add new service areas.

  • Yes, we offer unlimited mileage and encourage travel anywhere within the US.


  • Customers can use a single vehicle for up to 180 days before a required Swap. A Swap may be required sooner for scheduled maintenance and inspection.

  • Audi select members and up to 2 additional authorized drivers meeting approval criteria may be added to a membership. To add an additional driver please contact your concierge. Qualifying additional drivers may take up to 72 hours and must be at least 21 years of age.

  • Subscription fees are due monthly in advance. Your card on file will be charged automatically monthly in advance and will include the cost of the active membership.

  • The fuel door is located on the passenger side of all Audi vehicles. With the vehicle doors unlocked, simply press the gas cover door to release and open.

  • Please fill the vehicle with mid-grade or above. For specific vehicle fuel requirements, please reference requirements printed on the gas cover. A couple extra bucks for the right fuel can help ensure that you enjoy the optimal performance of the vehicle.

  • Yes, pets are allowed to enjoy the Audi driving experience as well. However, for their safety and the protection of the vehicle, they must be kept inside a pet carrier and otherwise properly restrained.

  • Audi select vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas. If you swap with less than a full tank of gas your concierge will add this charge to your account. We charge the local fuel price with no surcharges.

  • You should contact your Audi select concierge if you become aware of any needed vehicle maintenance or repair. Additionally, your Audi select concierge may notify you if a vehicle needs regularly scheduled maintenance or other required repairs. In either case, we will make arrangements to pick up the vehicle and provide you with a replacement. After maintenance or repair is complete, if you wish, and as reasonably possible, we will return the original vehicle to you.

  • Audi select members receive the following auto insurance coverage with Audi select vehicles while actively subscribed:

    Liability (all higher than required state minimums):
    Up to $300,000 combined single limit, bodily injury & property damage 
    (if the “subscriber” or “secondary driver”, is not in breach of any of the terms or conditions of the Audi Select membership agreement at the time of the “Accident.”

    Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist:
    Up to $300,000

    Collision (damage to your Audi select vehicle):
    Actual cost of repair or up to current value of vehicles, less deductible

    Medical Payments:
    $2,000 in Texas

    Deductible portion that is responsibility of member: 
    Comprehensive- $1,000
    Collision- $1,000